Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Not everything looks bad

Yes, after my little adventure that you can read in my last post.
I can say now that the new flip flops are very comfortable, and may i say, very pretty.

I just finished the pattern with K1,P1 for the cuff, for about 5 inches, and them i fold the cuff and seam at the beginning of the same. It worked very nice.

I still have to do some finishing things, like the cord around the sole, and cover some holes that you can see in the pictures. I think that if i use a double sting for the next ones those holes wont be there:)

Let's see.

This slippers, has I'm going to call them, are very good to use at home, and because of the sole, i can go outside even in raining days, witch is perfect.
I just join a new group of crochet (well my first craft things were in crochet, a long, long time ago) it is Crochetalong. I know how to do crochet, but reading patterns, it is just not for me, nothing makes sense! that's true i do every single thing in crochet by eye, not by reading:)
i hope that i will learn some more extra things.
That is all for today
Nice weekend to everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I've got to be very stubborn!

Sometimes i really think if I'm from this planet:)

Well, it all beginning when i saw in the net, how to transform your old flip flops into new ones, with knitting! Cool, i thought!

Well let me go to my shoe closet, and pick up some old ones, cut the uppers off the flip flops, chose the yarn, look at the pattern one more time, and let's do it.

Oh my. How wrong i was!

After I done the entire pattern, I immediately sewed the old sole and tried to put in my feet!

GIRL, the pattern said to 'meant to be tied' but i didn't care. I don't want any ribbon At the back of my new shoe!

Of course, if it is there it is for some reason. They just felt from my feet like butter.

Never fear, me the stubborn, is not going to frog all the work that is done, I'll try to work in another away.

What a stupid idea!

Now, imagine pinking up St's from something that is absolutely straight, and then try to work those same St's in round!

Are you still there? Or have you already fallen from the chair from so much laughter.
Yes, I'm still doing the flip flops, I'm not going to frog, and this will be a lesson for me. if someone in a pattern says that you must do something because.... maybe it is because there is a reason. Really!

But I've got some good news. I'm not always so clumsy.

I just made some legwarmers, for me and for Nicole.

They were made with bamboo needles, my first ones.

In the beginning it was weird, I'm used to the metal ones, and the St's just didn't move, them they started to slide a little, and finally they were just alive. At the end i loved it. I just hope that the store where i buy my wool and the rest of the things, gets more different sizes (it is a fabric shop, they have some wool in the back, and the owner only has, for now one size, can you believe it!).

Nicole uses her legwarmers in the wrist. well she plays more with them, maybe if i tell her that they are for the wrist, maybe she Will put them on the legs! Huuuummmmmm.

The weather here is the same, what can i say. It rains, and there is no news about when are we going to have a break!

For now it is all, reporting from my boat in the middle of South Africa:)

Monday, June 18, 2007


A week ago i started to look at all the little bags that where around me, and i just thought to myself I've got to finish this, this is madness!

First FO, the fingerless mitten, do you remember her?
This is the third one and the last, the big Boss gave is approval, and i was very happy. He just had another request..... to make the match. OK that is fair. I will make the other mitten for the other hand.

Socks for Nicole.
Can anybody remember the first post about this. i can't, it was a long time ago:)
But done! FO in sight.

They look very pretty, especially with the cardboard blocker that i made to improvise for the picture:)

Next: the round pillow.

The back is Donne.

But now i have to study a way to close that hole in the middle. And i have to go and buy more wool, it is gone now. For the round finishing I've already know what to do. But the middle it is a bit difficult, any advice?

Booties for Angelina-FO

Every little thing that i put in her feet, comes out!

These booties were very easy to make and they seam to stay for much longer in the feet:)

I just have to put maybe some elastics in the cuff, to keep it tight.

And it was it, a week of projects Donne.

Can you see now the quantity of bags around me, calling me, and me, ignoring them.

Donne, Donne and Donne.

Yesterday, it was Fathers day. And what a great day he had. Presents in the morning, breakfast in bed, lunch in is favorite restaurant (spar ribs, of course).

When is it mothers day?

Last news:

Last night:) I just started a new project.

Legwarmers. It is starting to be very, very cold around this part of the world. And some more for the kids. No, daddy said he didn't want:)

Just let me go and turn on the heater, sit on the coach and start working.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Made in Portugal

Paulo just return from a little trip that he made to Joburg.
And he came with some food that is made in Portugal:)

There are some cans of beans, coffee, and some kind of sausages, I'm going to say the names in Portuguese and than try to explain, the first one is alheira, it is made with only birds meat, like chicken, turkey and some more, they are very good if you fried them, with some chips and eggs:)

The next one you may not like, it is morcela de sangue, it is made with blood from the pig, it is very good if you put in the brie and eat them with bread.

The third one is farinheira, they are done by boiling in a big pan with a lot of cabbage and other veggies, but you can also put this one in the brie.

These kind of sausages are typical in Portugal. And are always homemade.

And those cans on the back, GuaranĂ¡, it is from Brazil, we drink that a lot in Portugal. It is a juice from a fruit. In Brazil they drink as much GuaranĂ¡ as they drink beer.

So that was it, he came with a luggage full of some goodies that, where made there but were bought here. Isn't that ironic?

For today it is all.
I'm going to 'kill' my missing Portugal with food:)

Bye, bye

Monday, June 11, 2007

Breakfast anyone?

Aren't they just cute?
It is a pity that one isn't very good:)
I happen to find a site where this ARTIST makes a lot of yummy food in knitting and crochet!
Go there and take a peep

Now here in South Africa, to be more precise in Cape Town, has been raining for almost 3 days without stopping!
Tomorrow I'm thinking in going to the sport shop to buy Hus a boat. Just so we can go out with out sinking:)

Over and out

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Up date on Magic28

Pair#2, and Pair#3, are donne.

Aren't they cute:)

Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frog it, frog it...

You are not going to believe it!
I'm still digesting also.
remember the mitten in the last post?
Frog it. My dear HF said that i had to start to stop knitting in one side and go up in the other....I'm knitting in round, you can't just stop one side and knit the other side. Well for me it is not possible, so out with the mitten. so he choose another one, with fingers.
This is the one that he choose!
Every half hour i would put in his hand to try, and He would say, yes it is OK...
Yesterday it was finished.
He arrived home and put the mitten in his hand....and.....well you know it is very nice but the fingers are to long!!!!
I can't work nicely with the mouse in the computer!!!!
So today I'm going to frog it AGAIN. And try to do the $#$#$ mitten again. Seriously.

So after all that conversation, I just turn myself to the kitchen!!
To make some cupcakes. Well the girls loved it. And my little one even tried to eat it:)

For now there is no more frog news.
until the next mitten:)

Saturday, June 02, 2007


This Saturday we went to the hairdresser....

Nicole was looking like....oh my!....
And Angelina was thinking.... is it time to sleep?...
At the end i could only take a photo of the old wild, the other one was already in her beauty sleep. But those curls were very pretty! And she was happy. So happy that nobody could touch the hair. Yes it is a big job to stay beautiful........

And now some news from my knitting.

It is Donne. The front of the cushion is Donne and it is lovely.
Now it is time for the back. I've chose to do the opposite colors. I will try to make it chop, chop.

But of course. i had to put this in the middle!
This is a mitten for my HF.
He's a IT, and spends a lot of hours in front of the computer.
In winter time his hand is frozen.
So i told him that i would make a fingerless mitten for him.
I've almost finished. So probably it will be an FO for the next post.

For now it is all from the land of the lions.