Monday, June 18, 2007


A week ago i started to look at all the little bags that where around me, and i just thought to myself I've got to finish this, this is madness!

First FO, the fingerless mitten, do you remember her?
This is the third one and the last, the big Boss gave is approval, and i was very happy. He just had another request..... to make the match. OK that is fair. I will make the other mitten for the other hand.

Socks for Nicole.
Can anybody remember the first post about this. i can't, it was a long time ago:)
But done! FO in sight.

They look very pretty, especially with the cardboard blocker that i made to improvise for the picture:)

Next: the round pillow.

The back is Donne.

But now i have to study a way to close that hole in the middle. And i have to go and buy more wool, it is gone now. For the round finishing I've already know what to do. But the middle it is a bit difficult, any advice?

Booties for Angelina-FO

Every little thing that i put in her feet, comes out!

These booties were very easy to make and they seam to stay for much longer in the feet:)

I just have to put maybe some elastics in the cuff, to keep it tight.

And it was it, a week of projects Donne.

Can you see now the quantity of bags around me, calling me, and me, ignoring them.

Donne, Donne and Donne.

Yesterday, it was Fathers day. And what a great day he had. Presents in the morning, breakfast in bed, lunch in is favorite restaurant (spar ribs, of course).

When is it mothers day?

Last news:

Last night:) I just started a new project.

Legwarmers. It is starting to be very, very cold around this part of the world. And some more for the kids. No, daddy said he didn't want:)

Just let me go and turn on the heater, sit on the coach and start working.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean about all the little bags :)

    Perhaps you could sew a button on the hole in the cushion?

    The booties (and the socks) are very sweet!

  2. Those socks are awesome! I love them.

  3. Lovely booties! and other finished objects. Is there a pattern you used for the booties?