Friday, June 29, 2007

Not everything looks bad

Yes, after my little adventure that you can read in my last post.
I can say now that the new flip flops are very comfortable, and may i say, very pretty.

I just finished the pattern with K1,P1 for the cuff, for about 5 inches, and them i fold the cuff and seam at the beginning of the same. It worked very nice.

I still have to do some finishing things, like the cord around the sole, and cover some holes that you can see in the pictures. I think that if i use a double sting for the next ones those holes wont be there:)

Let's see.

This slippers, has I'm going to call them, are very good to use at home, and because of the sole, i can go outside even in raining days, witch is perfect.
I just join a new group of crochet (well my first craft things were in crochet, a long, long time ago) it is Crochetalong. I know how to do crochet, but reading patterns, it is just not for me, nothing makes sense! that's true i do every single thing in crochet by eye, not by reading:)
i hope that i will learn some more extra things.
That is all for today
Nice weekend to everyone!


  1. :) Very creative recycling!!

  2. They look good! And you are so right about being able to wear then outside on rainy days...I didn't even think of that! Great job!

  3. Well done! Those look great.