Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Frog it, frog it...

You are not going to believe it!
I'm still digesting also.
remember the mitten in the last post?
Frog it. My dear HF said that i had to start to stop knitting in one side and go up in the other....I'm knitting in round, you can't just stop one side and knit the other side. Well for me it is not possible, so out with the mitten. so he choose another one, with fingers.
This is the one that he choose!
Every half hour i would put in his hand to try, and He would say, yes it is OK...
Yesterday it was finished.
He arrived home and put the mitten in his hand....and.....well you know it is very nice but the fingers are to long!!!!
I can't work nicely with the mouse in the computer!!!!
So today I'm going to frog it AGAIN. And try to do the $#$#$ mitten again. Seriously.

So after all that conversation, I just turn myself to the kitchen!!
To make some cupcakes. Well the girls loved it. And my little one even tried to eat it:)

For now there is no more frog news.
until the next mitten:)


  1. LOL!! too funny. Love the sweets!

  2. The cupcakes are so cute :) Is this your own design?

  3. Love the cupcakes! Thanks for the advice on socks, I truly appreciate it and that site is exactly what I need to get started. Now I just need to go get some sock yarn! :)

  4. Uurgh! Frogging! Well, at least he WILL like the mitten when it's finally done.....

    Thinking about making one side shorter when you're knitting in the round: short rows might be an option? I'm going to try that with some mittens, I'll let you know if it works.

    The cupcakes are lovely!

  5. Love the cupcakes.

    Sorry about the frogging! This is why I don't knit mittens...

  6. Those cupcakes are adorable!! I need to make my girls some! Where did the pattern come from? One Skein? or something like that, right?