Monday, June 25, 2007

I've got to be very stubborn!

Sometimes i really think if I'm from this planet:)

Well, it all beginning when i saw in the net, how to transform your old flip flops into new ones, with knitting! Cool, i thought!

Well let me go to my shoe closet, and pick up some old ones, cut the uppers off the flip flops, chose the yarn, look at the pattern one more time, and let's do it.

Oh my. How wrong i was!

After I done the entire pattern, I immediately sewed the old sole and tried to put in my feet!

GIRL, the pattern said to 'meant to be tied' but i didn't care. I don't want any ribbon At the back of my new shoe!

Of course, if it is there it is for some reason. They just felt from my feet like butter.

Never fear, me the stubborn, is not going to frog all the work that is done, I'll try to work in another away.

What a stupid idea!

Now, imagine pinking up St's from something that is absolutely straight, and then try to work those same St's in round!

Are you still there? Or have you already fallen from the chair from so much laughter.
Yes, I'm still doing the flip flops, I'm not going to frog, and this will be a lesson for me. if someone in a pattern says that you must do something because.... maybe it is because there is a reason. Really!

But I've got some good news. I'm not always so clumsy.

I just made some legwarmers, for me and for Nicole.

They were made with bamboo needles, my first ones.

In the beginning it was weird, I'm used to the metal ones, and the St's just didn't move, them they started to slide a little, and finally they were just alive. At the end i loved it. I just hope that the store where i buy my wool and the rest of the things, gets more different sizes (it is a fabric shop, they have some wool in the back, and the owner only has, for now one size, can you believe it!).

Nicole uses her legwarmers in the wrist. well she plays more with them, maybe if i tell her that they are for the wrist, maybe she Will put them on the legs! Huuuummmmmm.

The weather here is the same, what can i say. It rains, and there is no news about when are we going to have a break!

For now it is all, reporting from my boat in the middle of South Africa:)


  1. The shoes are a very tempting idea! I can't wait to see how you finish them; it's a good thing you're stubborn :)

  2. Oh, How funny, know why? I'd do the absolute same thing! It's such a great idea. I can't wait to see them when you're done.