13 June 2007

Made in Portugal

Paulo just return from a little trip that he made to Joburg.
And he came with some food that is made in Portugal:)

There are some cans of beans, coffee, and some kind of sausages, I'm going to say the names in Portuguese and than try to explain, the first one is alheira, it is made with only birds meat, like chicken, turkey and some more, they are very good if you fried them, with some chips and eggs:)

The next one you may not like, it is morcela de sangue, it is made with blood from the pig, it is very good if you put in the brie and eat them with bread.

The third one is farinheira, they are done by boiling in a big pan with a lot of cabbage and other veggies, but you can also put this one in the brie.

These kind of sausages are typical in Portugal. And are always homemade.

And those cans on the back, Guaraná, it is from Brazil, we drink that a lot in Portugal. It is a juice from a fruit. In Brazil they drink as much Guaraná as they drink beer.

So that was it, he came with a luggage full of some goodies that, where made there but were bought here. Isn't that ironic?

For today it is all.
I'm going to 'kill' my missing Portugal with food:)

Bye, bye
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