25 April 2007

New experience

I just finished another dress for Barbie. I got the pattern from a Sweden site that is amazing!

This is something that i don't make at a long time, crochet. The last thing that i did was a blanket for my little girl.
I got the ideia of a purse on Future girl, and she has some amazing stuff. I invite every one to have a little time to go there and take a look! So i put my brains to work and made this one.

but to put a zipper there was a big history. But i dit it!
I've got a new purse, wow!

My first dishcloth
I think I'm going to frame it.
No more news from the land of the lions
Have a nice knitting everyone:)


KJ said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to make that darn cute Barbie dress for my nieces!! I'm a Stockton Knitiot--welcome!!

ruth said...

Love the purse - it's really cute with the lining and your own personalised tag.

futuregirl said...

I love your little purse. It's so cute! :)

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