Monday, April 16, 2007

What a change

I'm Portuguese. And all my life i lived in Portugal, until one day i met my Half Face.
He is from South Africa, and he always wanted to come back again.
So here we are in this wonderful country, i dint think that way before, and let me explain why.
Has everybody knows, we only know what is going on out side of our nest, by the news that we see on TV. The images that we, in Portugal, have from this country are pathetic.
We only see houses made of wood, streets of sand and kids running everywhere with no clothes at all. And let's not talk about the crime, there, you have the idea that you can't even put your nose out of the window, with out get a shot! That's true, the image was not pretty, and i was starting to get concerned about moving from a country with the freedom of taking the kids to the park, to a country that you always have to look over your shoulder!
But sometimes things aren't exactly what you see at first.
My first day in this country was very funny, now that i think about it, i was amazed how i could walk, go to a coffe shop, and have a party in a bar during the night. It looked like i wasn't in South Africa, The South Africa that i saw on TV.
Of course there is crime here, like in every little place in the world.
Of course there are places that you can't even put you feet, like there are also in Lisbon.
This post started because i was trying to join a group of knitting (that I'm enjoying) and somebody answer me that she dint realize that i was in South Africa?
Do people think that there is no computers here? Do people thing that there is no people working and have a normal life for e.g. in Iraq?
Beside all the problems that country's have, people live there and they try to do a normal life, like every body else.
Now i must go because since Friday night my teeth are giving me a hard time, now i don't really know were it hurts.
I feel better now that i ''throw'' my words out.

Have a Nice Knitting everyone


  1. We encountered many of the same ideas when we told people we were moving to South Africa, fortunately we had some South African friends who could share some of the positive things about this country.

  2. It's funny, I get those comments from my parents, who have lived in SA all their lives, because I live in a city and they don't.