Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hot Needles

Since i made that crochet purse, in the last post, I've been in a mission to do more, don't ask me why!
This one is for Nicole, she is crazy about purses and bags and everything that she can use to put toys inside.

On the other side of the needles, I'm trying to make another pair of socks for her also.

This pattern is mine, and i will post it later when there done.

I've use two colors, that worked very nice, and at the heel i mixed the colors together.

I also made the heel with out picking st, i used the heel from here, but i did the knit st not the garter st. let's see how it ends.

For now it is all.

let me go and try to do some magic with my hands :)

Over and out from the land of the lions and monkeys!

1 comment:

  1. The socks are looking lovely, and the purse is very cute. Sorry you couldn't come with us on Friday.