16 June 2013

WIP that started bad

Not all the things that i do end in beautiful bouquets of flowers, some times they actually became a absolutely cactus full of thorns, don't get me wrong, i do love cactus, you know what i mean.... i'll show you in pictures....

So i bought this beautiful yellow to make a dishcloth for my kitchen...

Then i got a pattern from Pinterest, very cute indeed, but simple
And as i got home i started to work

And in the middle of my work, the sides looked like this

Sorry, but that is a big no no to me....

So i had no choice then to...

ripe everything and....

Start over again

I've been doing knitting for so long, coats, vests, socks, this is no excuse to have a dishcloth like this. I'm not perfect, not at all, but really, that was a no no to my eyes!

Pictures later of the finish dishcloth, with almost perfect finish and the link, to who is interest

let me get to the needles



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