Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sewing a Tablet carrier bag

So distractions here

Or maybe i just wanted to have a little break from the felt

Don't know the reason, but i needed this little bag

I saw the pattern online, in Chinese, but this site is well known from tutorials with millions of pictures to follow easily.

Mine measures 29cm by 20cm and 71/2 deep.

You can find the link Here

Mine isn't perfect as the original one ;)

You can see the handles, don't know why aren't exactly in the same place... They are also too close together...oh well....

But at the end it serves its purpose

It doesn't carry only the my tablet, but it also fits inside 2 A5 books, and a pencil case, hooray!!!!

Now back to real life, and let's craft some more felt.

see you all next time


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