Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knitting Coats for Build-a-Bear

Through my search on the net, I came across a knitting coat for the American Girl.

I give it a try for two Build-a-Bear from my girls.

The pink one for N. she as a tiger and her name is Angel

I had an embellishment flower to the front of the coat.

The blue is for A. she as Hello kitty and her name is Isabella.

I had this cute embellishment bow on the back and...
these cute buttons in a shape of a flower

These coats fit perfectly on any Build-a-Bear. I refuse to pay a big amount of money for those type of garments, first because I can do them for 1/3 of the price, and second the ones that the shop sells are too expensive, but the shame there is that they are made in China, and just because they just glue the tag Build-a-Bear on it it triples the price, I don't think that's fair! 
This is my point of view.

And then I looked  behind and look what was waiting for me....

The most adorable pile of clothes to be iron....
Why, ho why.....

Got to go....



  1. So sweet! I wish I could knit :)

  2. Thank you Ana, it is very handy for these type of situations. Saving $$