Monday, June 24, 2013

Perfect weather for crochet


The girls are officially on winter holidays, pajama rest, cartoons on TV and hot chocolate are in place!
3 weeks of winter holiday....I've already went to the library for extra books.

Made more or less a plan for reading, crafting and outs with them, if the weather permits!

We have a warning for a serious cold front approaching Cape Town, a 3 day stormy weather!

Now this morning the view from my craft corner was this....

Not that scary you think....

But on the other side of the house....

This is the view

The clouds are getting darker and darker

But never fear, we are indoors for today and in my to-do list are loads of crochet flowers to make to embellish pillows for my girls room.

Stay safe and warm....

See you


1 comment:

  1. I miss those mountains :D

    No snow on them yet? Stay warm and have a great time crafting.