Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Embroidery and felt fabric = good combination

I've just finish this mini embroidery and felt work.
I enjoy it very much.
Is already out of that wood frame, and glued in a very hard cardboard paper, in a 10 x 12 cm.
i was thinking of doing a picture with it.
Let's see, that will be a photo for my next post.

This embroidery, i made it a long time ago, but forgot to post about it.

The party is over...
Very cute
BUT, where should i use it
As a applique for a bag???
For another picture???

Please can someone give me some lights here...



  1. Está muito original, parabéns.Zita

  2. love them both! you could use the "party's over" embroidery as a leaving gift for someone, or mounted on card stock as a thank you card

  3. Hola Cris! Qué lindos bordados los dos, y para el de redwork me parece buena idea lo de la bolsa. Besos!