Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ballet bag and other stuff...

I think I've lost my knitting mojo somewhere...

So to compensate I've changed to fabric.

Don't ask me what happened, i just don't feel like it. This as been for several weeks now.

Not happy about, knitting and crochet do have importance in my life, i like to watch TV while doing it.
And actually lately I'm a little bit frustrated, because keeping my hands busy while watching TV doesn't let me to fall a sleep in the middle of a movie!! It is my therapy...

I also like to sew, but don't have TV were the sewing machine is...

So lately I've been doing some mini work with fabric, for our necessities.

N. needed a little bag for the ballet clothes.

The embroidery was made a long time ago, and i just made it applique in the front.
With two little hearts hanging, cute :)

Now, to the testing...
Tried to make a market bag, with a way to keep it tidy inside my bag.
This was the result...

Just for you to see how small she goes...

And just to show, that a long time ago, make two months ago i made these cute room slippers in crochet.

From this book, that i got for the local library.

The book has some very good ideas, a little bit old, but that is all you can get in the local library.


  1. gorgeous stuff- have fun with the fabric, the love of yarn will come back!

  2. Thank you Suse. I hope my mojo comes fast :)