Monday, August 11, 2008

Pizza Time

This is what is going to start to happen here, on Sundays.

We are trying to get a tradition, of having pizza for supper.
And everybody must do their share.

I make the dough, and prepare all the ingredients, tops, downs, cheese and etc.

They just do their pizza as they want.

Bon Apetit!


  1. whe my daughter brings her pals home for a meal I let the kids do d-i-y pizzas,& they love it! They always clear their plates which makes me happy too.

  2. What a lovely family tradition! We have DIY nights on Sunday night, too. It stems from when I was a child and gives us all a break from having to cook a big meal. Have fun!

  3. What an awesome family tradition!

  4. Yum! We've been making pizza too (have to, now that we have a whole leg of ham to use up....)

  5. Yummy that looks good and is also going to be a fun tradition! I have tagged you for a meme so come over to my blog and read the rules!