Saturday, August 09, 2008

N. Seamless Kimono

Another Project finish, BUT….

This one was done on Thursday night, and then I, the clever girl, wanted to Nicole to try it on Friday morning, but now the girl wanted to take that to school!
Without washing and no blocking, no nothing!

I said ok, at least I will see how long my work will survive in a school environment.

When she got home, everything was still in one piece, which means that I can make durable

wearables. But the bottom of the Kimono was curling out.

I did same lace at the finish, just to go on with the sides, like I also made lace at the finish of the sleeves. It really looked cute. But now I really don’t feel like undo the all thing, just to make some rows of garter st. I don’t want to do it!

So this should look like this…

And not like this!

Any suggestions?
I just forgot, I made all around a sc in crochet, but still it didn’t help.

Say bye, bye to the Gilmore Vest.

I do intend to make it, but not with the yarn that I was using.
Too thicker. This yarn definitely should be used for a cardigan, a small one, with some rib.
I just went to the net yesterday, and found an article about measuring your body and make a costume fitting.

I know they have been on the net for a long time, but it is easier to just pick up a pattern and just use someone brains!
I made the measures yesterday, and this is going to be my only project until is finish.
I’m trying to start to make more wearable’s things for us to wear, and not only for the house.
That was my goal for this year, and I’m think I’m going in the right track!

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