Wednesday, July 02, 2008

FO's and SAHM!

This is the Last pair that I made for SAM5 is a Magic28.

Just because I didn’t have time to do a bigger job, and also the most important, it gave me a chance to do another pair for the little ones.

I just used some acrylic yarn that I had, and made a rib 1x1 in the entire sock.
I also manage to finish N. pillow for her room (Now she tells me that she doesn’t like that color… she is only four, what will happen when she get’s the teenager thing???????).

Anyway, I just made in the back a dc, and that was it.

I do think the pillow is cute, But maybe she is right about the colors…

Note: My older girl as Chicken poxs!
I’m going to have extra work now that she can’t go to sckool.
I’ll try to take photos of her poxs for the next post.
See you all the next time

1 comment:

  1. No, I think the colours are lovely!

    Hope the chicken pox clears up quickly.