Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where's the snow???

Since I must be at home, because N’s chicken pox is not over yet.
And because there has been a lot of cold days, on this part of the globe.
I just found myself doing mittens, hats. And more mittens and hats!!!
Yesterday is a sunny day, and today is raining and wind, and this weekend wasn’t so bad, but the cold front is here to stay.
So I started to do some mittens for us to go and see the snow. They say there is snow in the mountains, let’s see if next weekend we get lucky!
So let’s get back to the business of knitting for the cold.
I started to do these cute mittens.

But someone bigger also wanted ones!!

Then I also wanted to do the Fetching mittens, which are already in any blog that is related to knitting!

Then the cold just went to my head!

So I did Felicity, in a short version.

I cast on 100 Sts; because I’m using a 4 ply yarn. And that is the reason that it looks smaller than the original Felicity size show on the pattern.

But I like it. I like it a lot!
And of course the girls must go with hat too :)
I am starting an intarsia hat for the bigger one. And must probably I will have to do another one.

Everything here comes in pares now :)

Now to answer some questions that the comments may have:
Yes, I’m sleeping during the normal hours!
No, I didn’t go to a restaurant just to have more time!
Yes, I do clean the house, washed the dishes, clean the floor, and iron (that I think it is a waste of time!)
I’m in the third week at home, so if I don’t want to go mad :0
Minds as well do some creative stuff!

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  1. Olá Cristina, tenho adorado os seus trabalhos, mas infelizmente não tenho tido tempo para os comentar. Adorei as luvas da joaninha...porque será? Haverá alguma Joana que não adore joaninhas? Ficaram muito lindas!