Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crazy WIP!

I just wanted to show everyone how crazy sometimes I could get!!!

Now this picture is from all my WIP that I have at the moment.

Yes, that is why is too dangerous to have net always in hand! I just get hooked, and then, let me just try this one, and oh that one is so cute…and so on…
And then Ravelry came…my, oh my…but why!!!!
Now we just want to know how much yarn for a pattern, and zip, there it is the information. Now we have DK, some balls, but don’t know if we can make a pretty coat, just search and, zip, there it is the all information. It is a catastrophe, I tell you.

Gladly I don’t have a big purse to spend on yarn, but every single coin that I find in the pockets, goes straight to the shop!
Addiction that is what I’m telling you.
Gladly there is no YA in the area, otherwise I would most probably be the first one to attend!
Now to a closer look of the different things that I’m on…
I had some yarn from a jumper (I don’t know if that is the name that you call it) that was from my DH, he didn’t like it, bad for him, good for me. I just undid and now I have these two big balls.

Trying to do the Gilmore Vest for me…

Then I just got addicted for the crochet bags, especially the Japanese ones. So this is me again doing another work at the same time.

Then another thing for the oldest girl. This one I’m trying to do a seamless kimono, with a pattern for a baby, trying to do a lot of mats here. Brain busy and already with a lot of smoke!!

Then socks. But why not!

These ones are from a knit along for socks for me, but I didn’t had the “time” to go to the shop (get my “time”) so I’m doing the same pattern but only smaller for her feet.

And look I even have audience on the other side of the table!
Isn’t that cute.

And yesterday morning I went to the LYS, and just saw the Vinnis. Yes they finally arrived in town!

I just had to bring one home. Now the cotton is at the top of the table, just for me to have a peak once in a while.

So am I losing my sanity with all this WIP, or is this normal, when there is too much information to digest?


  1. Trust me. You have no idea how many WIPs some people have. You are not even close. You are way too normal.

  2. Completely normal (by my standards)

  3. it just seems like a lot when you look at it all at once, but it isn't really!

  4. You have nothing to worry about! I consider myself a novice knitter & crocheter (?) and have about six WIP's laying about. Yes, I am addicted!

    mynewleaf on Ravelry

  5. Hi... I love the beginning of your Japanese crochet bag... is the pattern available? If so where can I find it? Thanks!