Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Autumn Cardigan

Finally it is done!

Not that I didn’t enjoy doing it, but the stockinette stitch was starting to put me in a melancholic syndrome!

I didn’t take a photo with it, just because it is very, and I mean very cold today!

And this is an autumn cardigan. And we are now in winter. And the weather is just not the same anymore, well never mind.

I promise I will posse soon.

Now enough with the talking, and let’s look at the trailer!!!

This was my seriously second try to do something for me to wear. The first time with so many pieces to sew also.

So if you see any extra hall, just make believe that it belongs to the pattern! Hehehehehe

Pattern:Tempest, from Knitty: Spring 2008

Yarn:Elle Pure Gold 4 Ply


Started:28 April 2008

Finished:25 June 2008

Notes: I think I mix up a little in choosing the right size for me, but in the end, it turns out well.

The only alterations that I made was the picot all around the right front, the neck section, and the left side. And also in the finish of the sleeves. Since my cardigan isn’t in stripes like the original pattern, I decided to give him something more girlish.


  1. So cute! And the yarn that you used has very good stitch definition.

  2. Wow! It came out great! I don't have the patience to make something that big! :)

  3. Lovely! It looks classic and romantic. Good job! My deep V sweater was started in April as well and I've finished all of the pieces but am the seaming.

  4. It's very pretty. You did a good job.

  5. Thank you Hopelovepeace :)
    I just had to finish quik, i just couln't look at the cardigan anymore undone!

  6. It looks lovely! The picot edging is so pretty.