Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This and That...

The days here are starting to get a little bit cold, I don’t know if it is the winter coming, or just a phase in the summer weather. Although it fells nice to have some rain, the grass was already shouting …please we need more water!

So apparently, because of the power cuts in this country, everything now is raising the prices of everything, great excuse, no?
No more power cuts for almost one month, at least on the area that I live, but still there is a lot of discussion of who is going to be on the world soccer cup in 2010?

I’m still in love with this country, although all the problems that they have.

Yesterday I saw a program from Oprah about the Bee Movie. It was so fun, I really like Seinfeld jokes, they are not political, religion related, there is only jokes of the daily life, and I do think there is a lot of jokes in life to get things easier. And the movie is just a blast.
For those of you American readers of my blog, yes, we are a little bit late in the programs, but we still see it, unless there is a power cut…Ha Ha Ha.

In the knitting and crochet front.

I’m still doing the knitting test, very busy there, and enjoying!
Finish the first Monkey sock. Didn’t cast on for the second one yet, but thinking of it.

And yesterday I just made something different to relax a little.

I used Sugar’n Cream cotton; it stays a little bit hard, but not enough for the box to get the form. I think I should get the stiffener that they ask in the pattern.
You can see a lot of nice patterns in this site. Everything is so cute.

Now, went to the LYS on Monday, and got some REALLY sock yarn for my first sock in the Sock Knitters Pentathlon.

Waiting desperately for the 1 of March!


  1. Monkey looks great! I've been eyeing that sock yarn, but need to knit down my stash first!

  2. The weather has been crazy around here lately, but I refuse to acknowledge that it might be winter creeping up!!!

  3. Love the monkey pattern, I've been working the same one, but you are definatly ahead of me. Aren't socks just the best!

  4. BTW, great comment on the Monthly Dishcloth KAL group today!