Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Another crochet purse

Remember the first purse that I made for me?
Well, it has been used and abused! It really needs to get washed, seriously!
So, just because I don’t have the patient to wait until it gets dry, great excuse, I made another one for me.

Using this pattern from here

I made a very cute purse, and in the front I put a lucky clover.
Better get the good vibrations into the purse, it carry’s money, you know!

It looks bigger, but if you look closely to the photo you can see on the bottom of the purse, it only appears a little bit of the green part.

And here is the beginning of the first pair of socks for the SPK2008.
This one is my first one cast on toe-up.

I used the Magic cast on, saw the video, and it looked so easy, and you know what it really is. There is so much talking about making the socks up, using that method. And all the ladies that use that cast on once, say they never went back to the cuff down! I can understand that now.

If you’re interested in the cast on here is a video that helps you. I didn’t use circular needles; I used two DPN, to make it easier I put the stitches of the second needle in a scrap yarn to be easier to work the first one, looks confusion, but if you want to try, you’ll see that is easy as pie!

And just for fun.
Here is an art photo of my oldest girl.

She wanted me to take a photo of her hands and feet!
I really don’t know why! Ha ha ha


  1. The bag looks lovely. I keep meaning to try the toe-up sock method.

  2. Looks like you have been keeping busy! I like your new bag! I have heard others say they like the magic cast on too! Maybe I will try it one day!

  3. Great bag! Very pretty...