Thursday, February 07, 2008


A lot of WIP are being finish on this side.
The Lovely Rag Rug is done, although I should call him, The expensive in Fashion Rag Rug!
Just because it has t-shirts from Amarras, Nike, Hugo Boss and lacoste! So it is very in fashion. Yes, those t-shirts had holes, and they weren’t pretty anymore!

This has 7 t-shirts, and it measures 76 x 46 cm.
Actually a good size for my bathroom floor.
My hand still hurts from the sc crochet from this rug, but, if I find more t-shirts with holes, I’m definitely going to do it again! If anyone is interested I’ve got a tutorial of how to cut the t-shirts, and the making of is here.

In other news…Dishcloths!
Yes I think I’m starting to get addict to it.

The Tribble pattern was the third one to be made. You can get the pattern here.

Another one that I made was the Grid Pattern Dishcloth. You can get the pattern here.

I made one in crochet. You can get the pattern here.
Really easy to do.

And yes it is all in blue, that was over, Bye, bye beautiful blue, I really loved working with you.

And I made the famous Ballband dishcloth. You can find the pattern here. Everybody has one, and here is mine! Although it is a little bigger for a dishcloth, I will call it Dishtowel.

Now my only projects so far are the socks for the SAM5 for this month, a hat for my stepson that it is here on holiday with his daddy, and a test knitting that I’m doing for a blogger friend …
I’ve triyng to clean my WIP and my yarn in this house! Well not all the yarn cause I don’t have a lot, but some of them.
So I’ve been a good girl.


  1. Love the rug! I need to knit faster to deal with all my yarn, I may have gone a bit crazy shopping at the store that was closing down!

  2. Adorei o tapete!

    Huum, eu costumo dizer old rag...mas não sei se é o termo técnico!

    Chuana :)

  3. I like that tribble. I have just started knitting dishcloths too - but not as pretty as yours. Just using up scraps of cotton.

    I think the designer T-shirt rug is brilliant.

  4. Great Rug! You did an excellent job, and I am so going to make a couple of those tribble.