5 October 2007

Crochet Business Card Holder

Crochet Business Card Holder

Yarn-ELLE Pure Gold DK, shade 29
4mm crochet needle
Tapestry needle
Rest of other yarns to make the flower
A little of fabric
Sewing needle


Chain 16
Make the first sc in the second chain from the hook (15sc)
Chain1, turn, sc in every sc
Work like this until you have 24 rows complete.
Cut the yarn.
Attached the yarn in the 6th sc from the beginning, slip st, make the first sc in the same chain and make 4 more sc, total of 5 sc.
Chain1, turn, sc in every sc.
Work in this matter until there are 6 rows done.

The main body is done.
If you fold it you can see that it is shaped to a little purse, and that the cards can go in there.
If you’ve got a different size of cards, you can add more rows, or more stitches, depending what you need to change.

Now let’s go for the interior of the holder.
Cut a piece of fabric with just half cm more than the size of your holder.

You can see that those rows from the top don’t have the fabric to go on. It isn’t necessary. This fabric it is only to go inside, to allow the cards to go inside and out easier.

Next step is to put pins in every single place to join the fabric and the crochet piece.
Just fold the fabric a little bit to the inside, and put the pin secure.

When the entire piece is secure you can start to sew all around.

I did it by hand. But you can use your sewing machine. As long as you use the same color as your crochet piece.

Now time to close the holder. I thought that if I made another sc all around it would make the holder bigger than it is intended to be. So I made with the same yarn a back and forward stitch. The sc from the outside of the holder is going to be free. So it really gives a nice view.

To attach the handle to the main body I sew some Velcro. I put the hard one on the main body, just because that piece can attached to everything that touches. So this way it can only be the handler.

This is how it looks after you have joined the holder all around. Can you see where I made the stitch? And it doesn’t look bigger.

Now to make some decoration for the top of the handler. I made this little flower, because it is for me. But you can make other decoration, or put a button, or whatever your imagination takes you to.

The cards are already inside

And viola.

You’ve got a pretty business card holder to put all your cards inside and shine when someone asks you for one card!

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