Monday, October 22, 2007

Sun = Happy

This weekend was a blast!
South Africa won the Rugby World Cup.
There were parties everywhere!
The temperatures here went to 30, so we had a little party in the kid’s pool!

It is amazing how a little bit of sun, and a good temperature does to the kids. They were having a big party. And that wasn’t enough, on Sunday we went to the beach also. Now today is raining! Yes we are starting to have a tropical weather, what can we do? Just take advantage of every single day has it comes.

On other news.

The turtles are going in the right way.

I’ve finishing my black bag. Remember the fat bottom bag? Well I finished but at the end it was just not my style of bag. So I frog it and made this one. I’ve used the all weekend, and it is still alive. I put some fabric on the inside; sorry about the photos but taking pictures of black things is a little bit tricky! For this bag I don’t have a pattern, it is really one of my inventions. But I can say I made two parts for the front and back. Then I made the side and the bottom all in one piece. Them I sew everything and made the handles. All the bag is crochet with sc.

More ideas for Christmas. Why don’t you make a scrubby to give to someone? You can find the pattern here.

See you on the other side...


  1. Your girls look like they are having a blast, and the turtles look amazing.

  2. Just don't make the scrubbies from cotton!!! LOL

    That bag looks great, and those turtles are really coming along! I don't suppose you could spare an extra one to send to me? hehe, just kidding!