Friday, October 12, 2007

Here comes the sun!

I’ve been inspired by the good days of sunshine and hot weather that started here!

And for that I made this cute flower for the fridge.
Just put same iman in the back, and back to the fridge she went!

To tell the true this was suppose to be a little doll, like the Fifi flower tote. But in the end I just looked at her and thougth this would do a nice decoration for my fridge door.

Soap sachet are other good idea for Christmas presents.

Everyone likes to receive some good smelly present! And you can make a thousand of them. They are so fast to make. I like them, and the proof is that I already made six to give it away, I will put one soap inside one, so that the person that gets them knows how it works, and the rest is going with out soap, like that the receiver can go and pick her private soap that she better likes it better.

The link is here.

Nice weekend


  1. I'm a soap sack knitter! I love them, they work wonderfully, I have two that I use on a regular basis.

  2. Very cute Christmas present ideas. Those soap holders are very pretty!