Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday in the beach anyone

1st i want to say thank you to my Half Face!

He saw how much i was working in the image of this blog that he wanted to give me a help (well it is job anyway). And he made this beautiful header. Cute. LOVE YOU.

He also made this cute photo of Angelina (she sometimes makes cute faces).

OK enough now, let's talk about the weekend in this part of the globe.
With almost 30 degrees, what do you do when you are almost in winter?

Let's go to the beach, YEAAAHHH.

My girls were happy.
And me too:)

OK now let's see some photos of Angelina's birthday.

Are they really going to let me do this? (Angelina)

There is something wrong here, maybe it is christmas! (Angelina)

I know they are a little late but only now i received them from my Half Face. Yes, sometimes having someone at home that understands PC, net, and everything around that level, leaves you behind, i know first the work and then the house 'problems', eheheheh, I'm kiddying. Thank you again.

For now it is all, more knitting and crochet news is the next Post.


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