Friday, May 01, 2015


Hello May

In this part of the world we are starting to get the chill of the nights... warm days yes... but it is starting to get colder and colder everyday... but I don't mind because cold days are my favourite. Not a summer girl here!

Guess I should have moved to Canada.... at least I would see some snow... Oh yes... that would be one of the items to take off from my bucket list :)

What have I been doing.... finishing some orders, trying to clean the order book, and therefore trying to have a little of rested nights and weekends, that would be nice.

My challenge for saving money is still on... almost everyday I count the money that is inside the little pot (well not really counting... just looking at the checked squares) happy to see that I can stick to the plan.

Trying to find a cleaning schedule .... not in luck. Don't mind cleaning... just ironing is my most hated job! I like lists and be organised so a nice schedule would be nice to follow....

Waiting for approval for this Dino Mobile....

You want believe what I am going to do next.....

C xxxx


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