Saturday, May 02, 2015

Afrikaans en vilt

By now you all confused about the title of this post....
No I'm not going to start to write in Afrikaans, although that would be a good exercise to help me to learn faster.

This morning we went to search for a book for N for school.... 2nd hand book shops are my most dangerous place to be on.... if I have money I will spend everything!
It is my second danger zone... my first one is Fabric shops....

So I'm trying to learn Afrikaans for a while now.
Here in South Africa there are 11 oficial languages.... crazy I tell you... but the only ones that are more common to use are Afrikaans, English and Xhosa.
So I found this little book....

 ... and I'm going to try to learn 1000 words....

For the Little Wilds side.... I've finished the Mobile already, just wanted to get the approval before I post it.... got it yesterday.... so here are the photos....

Love how the colours work so well together :)

Have a nice Saturday

C xxxx


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  1. Yes, bookstores are dangerous places for me. I love the idea of all that knowledge...I just always lack the follow through. How are you doing?