Thursday, January 23, 2014

My bucket list....

I've got a kind of mental bucket-list of things to do.
You may think some of them are just so normal, that how can I have them in my so called bucket-list....
It is there because sometimes life takes the best out of us... meaning simple things sometimes are left behind just because they too simple. But at the end they became very important things.
My bucket-list doesn't have places to go.... that would be only one home town....Portugal!
My list has simple, ordinary and some challenging things, or wishes or to-do.
One of the things that I sorted today, I bought a pair of tekkies, for the outsiders trainers!

Always went for the cheap option (see why this looks normal for you but not for me), so everytime I tried to walk or run on the beach it was always a pain....

So today I just closed my eyes and paid and open the eyes again to put the card inside my wallet ;)

I've tried them at home and it looks like I'm running on top of clouds.


Buy proper tekkies √ (check)


1 comment:

  1. Hehehe...I understand.
    Yesterday I bought a pair of super expensive rain/winter/snow boots that I have been stalking on L.L.Bean website. Just remember, you are worth it! Every day and any day…even if you don't spend like it. :)