Thursday, January 09, 2014

All in one...

Happy Thursday everyone.
Like the title says this is going to be some posts (that were supposed to happen) to this post (that is actually and finally happening)!

So let's start with post number 1:

I've managed to hang the minion on my car ..... but it was "stolen" straight away by a family member!
Got to make another one for me again, no biggy!

Post number 2:

Started to make this little cute guy

I would like to make the all collection.... hmmm

Post number 3:

Tried to make a felt box,
I came up with this....

Not happy with it..... I made another one straight away with small changes....

Oh, yes. This is the one
I love it, just love it :)

And now we came to the post for today which will be post number 4:

This morning got distracted with crochet and I made this crochet votives support using hold food jars still from A. food jars and some twine from the hard warehouse.

I love them, also!

These ones are just for me!

And that is it.... see lots of posts in the same one.... see what I mean?

I hope to resume to post here more often ( I think this was a speach from last year, so I don't want to repeat myself again and boring you with the bla bla bla and bli bli bli).

Till next time


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