Friday, January 17, 2014

Felt boxes

The weather has been too hot here.
Everyone is complaining that we are just a few degrees from melting....

School as started on Wednesday, very short week, it is going to be painful next week from Monday to Friday... I mean this is it....waking up early every single day.... at 6am.

Got an order from some especial customers....

They will not pay for these goodies.... but I have extra work for them to do ....Ha ha.

One box for each with the initial of their name on.
It will be in their bed side table for the last minute tidy before they go to bed.

Got another "real" order for Tooth Pillows, 5 to be exact, 4 for girls and 1 for a boy.
I think the Tooth Fairy is going to have a very busy 2014

Here is my work for tonight, everything already cutted and waiting for sewing.

And guess what...?
Today is Friday


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