Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nautical Mobile

I wish it was summer...
So i can have a little of hot weather...
And walk on the beach, barefoot
And ear the waves....

That was my thought when i made this cute mobile

Oh well, I just have to wait a couple of months

Enjoy your day

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mobiles for he and she...

Happy Friday, Horray, it is finaly here!!!

Been very quiet for a good reason.... creative cutiness on this side.
Work to show from last week, and more...

So i will be posting loads of goodie pictures for your eyes delight :)
Let's start today with the mobiles, shall we...

Transport Mobile

Car, Train, Boat and a plane, all fantastic!

All for He....

Next for today is the Owl Mobile

Very cute owls with different shades of pink

All for She...

Enjoy your weekend
Here is miserable, rain and cold and Snow!!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Felt for boys...

I always had a hard time to do things for boys
Maybe because I have two girls and everything in the house is pink? Rule?

But still, this weekend I saw a possibility to work my difficulty and ta-da!!!

I actually made the figures for a boy mobile

Now, I must say I’m very proud of my persistence....

And now I just have to put them together in a nice way....

More WIP

YES, a pink mobile, and some pin flowers

They are all in my tray, waiting for me to sit on the couch, later, while watching the new series saga,
This time I chose Monk.

Hope to see you all for the finishing goodies

Enjoy the day


Friday, August 16, 2013

Christmas in August


I'm already starting to think of Christmas and all those nice decorations that you can make ahead...
And what about handmade presents, yes I have started already, crazy girl here!

This cute angel was a weekend production.
I do tend to have more imagination on weekends, more symptoms of a crazy girl....

You can hang this cute angel on the Christmas tree, or use for decoration around the house.
Or....just don't wait for Christmas to come, just had this cutie for your baby room....

Lot's of possibilities to use this little one, right?

Stay tuned for more up coming Christmas decorations.....

Enjoy your Friday, weekend is just around the corner :)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Craft Room


Happy Tuesday everyone!

I've been receiving some emails of people asking me how do I organize my craft supplies, since you know by now, I do not have own a craft room (I will get there eventually), only a drawer, where I keep all my goodies tidy. So organization is the most important step for me.

Ribbons.... ric-rac.... you know I don't buy then in their original spool, I just get meters, to tidy this little slippery meters of ribbon, I found out that ice-cream Popsicle sticks are the best!

See, I do not have lots of meters, so just roll them around and secure them with a pin.

Then try to get a nice box to keep them in one place

This box was a nice finding, look it is the right size for the Popsicle sticks!

And Ta-DA!

They are well tidy, organized and all in one box.

This box as a window, I've got only two of these. Any box will do, but if you can have a transparent one, it will make your life much easier when your searching for something

I hope I helped all of those that are looking for some ideas for craft organization.

Enjoy the rest of the week


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Owl Mobile.... and a Wood Felt Frame


So yeah, I made it...
The week is over, all the extra mural activities are over, it was a long week for me, but we did it!

Finishing goodies here to show, although it was a crazy week, I managed to finish two custom orders and delivered them too.

The first one is this very colorful mobile

I do like the owls, but that cute tree in the center got all my attention, flowers on one side and a heart on the other, cute, cute...

I also managed to finish this lovely wood felt frame

It gave me a great pleasure to make the bear, and look at that car.... i just wanted to take out of the frame and play with it!!!

So today is Sunday, you know by now that I use my weekends to get new felt goodies out.
I've done some Christmas decorations to be added to my shop....but that is for another post

Enjoy your day 


Saturday, August 03, 2013

WIP- Mobiles and Frames

Farewell July and hello August!
3 days late, but still on time, i think!

Things have been hectic on this side of the world....
Kids sick, no major concern, only the normal colds for this time of the year,
extra curriculum activities at school, hokey games, revue rehearsals, ballet rehearsals for American academy of Ballet, Poetry competitions, and some more .... there is so much stuff to prepare and remember (remember i have two girls at school, so it it X2) that i actually been trusting my diary with my heart!
That is how confusing the things are....

And then on top of that (not complaining here-keep them coming!!!) two custom orders for felt work.

Hopefully everything will be over at then end of next week... So i'm trying to have a short leash to my crazy sanity  ;)

Pictures, do you want to see pictures....

Of course you do

So here they are, not finish yet..... on the way to.....

This one will be for a frame....

and this one will become a mobile.

So if i'm still alive at the end of next week
I will post the finish goodies ;)

Enjoy your weekend