Saturday, August 03, 2013

WIP- Mobiles and Frames

Farewell July and hello August!
3 days late, but still on time, i think!

Things have been hectic on this side of the world....
Kids sick, no major concern, only the normal colds for this time of the year,
extra curriculum activities at school, hokey games, revue rehearsals, ballet rehearsals for American academy of Ballet, Poetry competitions, and some more .... there is so much stuff to prepare and remember (remember i have two girls at school, so it it X2) that i actually been trusting my diary with my heart!
That is how confusing the things are....

And then on top of that (not complaining here-keep them coming!!!) two custom orders for felt work.

Hopefully everything will be over at then end of next week... So i'm trying to have a short leash to my crazy sanity  ;)

Pictures, do you want to see pictures....

Of course you do

So here they are, not finish yet..... on the way to.....

This one will be for a frame....

and this one will become a mobile.

So if i'm still alive at the end of next week
I will post the finish goodies ;)

Enjoy your weekend


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