Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Birthday....girl


Yesterday it was my big girl Birthday

No coments here...

It was a very calm day, she likes quiet days..... She had presents, ice cream, her favourite meal, spaghetti a Bolognese, her favourite dessert, malva pudin, and a birthday cake, Bar-one Cake.
When I took this photo she was just about to blow the candles. She is a little bit like me, there is no place like home!

During the day I managed to finish the party bags, which are going to be used tomorrow for the birthday party with all her friends.

The printing came from daddy, and the sewing from mummy!!!
Family production here!!!

And they are ready to go with the Oddie in felt

I hope everyone will like it.....

Still doing the Minions, had to pause the production due to this extra party.

Next post will be Minions party favors, hooray!

Until next time


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  1. I hope she had a lovely day. Don't they grow up so fast!!