29 July 2008

Mini Rattlesnake Creek Socks

One out of the queue.

The pattern was very easy to fallow, and the result is very good.
I really enjoyed doing this cables.

I really don’t understand why my cell camera doesn’t like red. This photo was very hard to take. Sorry about the bad quality!

Pattern: Rattlesnake Creek Socks
Yarn: Elle, Sock Wool, Cherry Red, 4 plyNeedles: 2, 25 mm
Cast on: 20 July
Cast off: 29 July
Notes: the pattern calls for a cast on of 72 sts. Since this was a pair of socks for my little girl, I cast on 48.And made the rest of the sock plain.

And now this is a good example of many ways to use socks, in your feet or hands!
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