Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mini Rattlesnake Creek Socks

One out of the queue.

The pattern was very easy to fallow, and the result is very good.
I really enjoyed doing this cables.

I really don’t understand why my cell camera doesn’t like red. This photo was very hard to take. Sorry about the bad quality!

Pattern: Rattlesnake Creek Socks
Yarn: Elle, Sock Wool, Cherry Red, 4 plyNeedles: 2, 25 mm
Cast on: 20 July
Cast off: 29 July
Notes: the pattern calls for a cast on of 72 sts. Since this was a pair of socks for my little girl, I cast on 48.And made the rest of the sock plain.

And now this is a good example of many ways to use socks, in your feet or hands!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crazy WIP!

I just wanted to show everyone how crazy sometimes I could get!!!

Now this picture is from all my WIP that I have at the moment.

Yes, that is why is too dangerous to have net always in hand! I just get hooked, and then, let me just try this one, and oh that one is so cute…and so on…
And then Ravelry came…my, oh my…but why!!!!
Now we just want to know how much yarn for a pattern, and zip, there it is the information. Now we have DK, some balls, but don’t know if we can make a pretty coat, just search and, zip, there it is the all information. It is a catastrophe, I tell you.

Gladly I don’t have a big purse to spend on yarn, but every single coin that I find in the pockets, goes straight to the shop!
Addiction that is what I’m telling you.
Gladly there is no YA in the area, otherwise I would most probably be the first one to attend!
Now to a closer look of the different things that I’m on…
I had some yarn from a jumper (I don’t know if that is the name that you call it) that was from my DH, he didn’t like it, bad for him, good for me. I just undid and now I have these two big balls.

Trying to do the Gilmore Vest for me…

Then I just got addicted for the crochet bags, especially the Japanese ones. So this is me again doing another work at the same time.

Then another thing for the oldest girl. This one I’m trying to do a seamless kimono, with a pattern for a baby, trying to do a lot of mats here. Brain busy and already with a lot of smoke!!

Then socks. But why not!

These ones are from a knit along for socks for me, but I didn’t had the “time” to go to the shop (get my “time”) so I’m doing the same pattern but only smaller for her feet.

And look I even have audience on the other side of the table!
Isn’t that cute.

And yesterday morning I went to the LYS, and just saw the Vinnis. Yes they finally arrived in town!

I just had to bring one home. Now the cotton is at the top of the table, just for me to have a peak once in a while.

So am I losing my sanity with all this WIP, or is this normal, when there is too much information to digest?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miss Chicken Pox – take II

Yes, it is true. This is the second take of the chicken pox. Good to know that there isn’t any more children in the house!

Now for the close up…

The face…

The tummy

And the joy in her face!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where's the snow???

Since I must be at home, because N’s chicken pox is not over yet.
And because there has been a lot of cold days, on this part of the globe.
I just found myself doing mittens, hats. And more mittens and hats!!!
Yesterday is a sunny day, and today is raining and wind, and this weekend wasn’t so bad, but the cold front is here to stay.
So I started to do some mittens for us to go and see the snow. They say there is snow in the mountains, let’s see if next weekend we get lucky!
So let’s get back to the business of knitting for the cold.
I started to do these cute mittens.

But someone bigger also wanted ones!!

Then I also wanted to do the Fetching mittens, which are already in any blog that is related to knitting!

Then the cold just went to my head!

So I did Felicity, in a short version.

I cast on 100 Sts; because I’m using a 4 ply yarn. And that is the reason that it looks smaller than the original Felicity size show on the pattern.

But I like it. I like it a lot!
And of course the girls must go with hat too :)
I am starting an intarsia hat for the bigger one. And must probably I will have to do another one.

Everything here comes in pares now :)

Now to answer some questions that the comments may have:
Yes, I’m sleeping during the normal hours!
No, I didn’t go to a restaurant just to have more time!
Yes, I do clean the house, washed the dishes, clean the floor, and iron (that I think it is a waste of time!)
I’m in the third week at home, so if I don’t want to go mad :0
Minds as well do some creative stuff!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Miss Chicken Pox

Here are some photos of N. chicken pox.

She doesn't look very concernd with the situation!

The full tummy!
And they had a really full week!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

FO's and SAHM!

This is the Last pair that I made for SAM5 is a Magic28.

Just because I didn’t have time to do a bigger job, and also the most important, it gave me a chance to do another pair for the little ones.

I just used some acrylic yarn that I had, and made a rib 1x1 in the entire sock.
I also manage to finish N. pillow for her room (Now she tells me that she doesn’t like that color… she is only four, what will happen when she get’s the teenager thing???????).

Anyway, I just made in the back a dc, and that was it.

I do think the pillow is cute, But maybe she is right about the colors…

Note: My older girl as Chicken poxs!
I’m going to have extra work now that she can’t go to sckool.
I’ll try to take photos of her poxs for the next post.
See you all the next time