1 April 2008

Top and socks

More updating of finishing works.

I made a test knitting for Lily. I didn’t get the top on time, but, for me that has no big experience in knitting (at least in big projects like this one); I do think I did pretty well.
You must go and check her designs. She as a lot of original patterns, and with very good taste!
I like her designs very much, pity that my body doesn’t agree with me, but that is another story for later.
However I will post my best photo here. Just because the others I simply can’t see and accept how fat I am!
So here is by best shot.

I used Splish Splash from Elle, 4 ply cotton. It took 3 balls. But i didn't made the rufles in the arms. So must probably, if i would do the all pattern it would be 4.

In other front I also finish the Jacobean socks.

No problem with the pattern here, only the cast off the cuff. The ktbl and purl, doesn’t give the stretch that my leg needs, and they do tend to tight a little there, so I cast off as loose as I could.

And the color of the socks is purple, I have no idea why is this color here!

And my camera just broke also, so to join the party of losing everything, I’m only going to takes photos from my cell phone; let’s see if it doesn’t goes co-co also! (Got to keep the good mode)

See you later

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