Monday, April 14, 2008

Washing dishes

This weekend was very productive on this side.

I’ve made several dishcloths.

This one is from the Monthly dishcloth group.

It goes for A. for her bath!

And another dish cloth. This one in chevron pattern.

I’ve been searching in the net, for the real chevron pattern that one that comes in the Last minute gifts, but since I don’t have the book, and I fell in love with these amazing scarfs from the site good to be girl. I’ve found only here in Nona’s site a different kind of pattern, that I think it really looks like the one in the book. I was very happy with the result. So must probably I will do a pair of scarf’s for the girls.

And for the last show and tell, of course the legend of dishcloths, the grandmother’s favorite dishcloth.

I ended all the dishcloths with a sc in crochet. I do think it prevents from curling, and it gives a better finish touch.

I’ve been trying to do some footie’s to be used in bed. My own pattern, but still in testing. Although I can say that I’ve already made some for me, for a birthday girl, and for my girls also. I’ve used the same techniques like you usually knit the socks, with the short row in the toe, and in the heel. And now I’m trying to do also with the pickup sts. The funny of the footie’s is that they aren’t knit around (only in the part of the finish toe), but you don’t have one seam to sew, only in the toe, with gather stitch! Curious ….
Just stay tuned

ETA: Just to inform that my little girl is no longer little anymore!! She made 2 years old last Thursday, and seriously I’m starting to fell old, by the minute! She had a lot of presents, a cake and some jelly, hummmm, she loves it. No photos here to show, you know my camera is on holidays, and the photos from the camera phone are seriously a disgrace, as you can see in all the photos from my works. I apologize for that…


  1. What cute dishcloths. I especially like the first one...

  2. Ohhh Boy! Very beautifull work´s!
    You´re great!

  3. I like the first discloth. It's like a painting :)