9 April 2008

Crochet, and more crochet.

My first experience with felt.

I’ve tried to do a bowl with a handle. Well the bowls is there, but forget about the handle thing, it didn’t go like I imagine…
Anyway, it was fun to see the sc in crochet disappear. I’ve got 100% wool in my stash, so I will try again, but this time I will work with a smaller needle.

For my girl I made this cute bag.

Looks like a strawberry! The pattern you can get it from here.
And it is so easy and fast to do; you can do it in any size that you desire.

I’m starting now some pillows for the girls’ room, I’m in need of some changes around home with the decoration.

This stitch I found on the net, it is called Harlequin stitch. And I felt in love with him for the first time that I saw.

The coordination of two colors here are fantastic.


Mamagenerica said...

oh, that's exactly the stitch I was trying to do in JJ's skirt but I had to sort of make it up as I went along -- where did you find it? You are right about the colours btw, they are gorgeous! I see you're into more Vinnis cotton again :-)

astrid said...

that is really a beautiful stitch. Thanks for the tip. As you know I am totaly into crochet these days.

Cindy said...

I love that stitch too! It kind of looks like the crochet stitch some people are using in crochet to copy the knitted Lizard Ridge Blanket from Knitty.com. I can't wait to see your finished pillow!

Crafty Carolinagirl said...

I love your pink and green bag. Thanks for the link to the pattern. Something to keep in mind for when I start making Christmas presents, which will be pretty soon!

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