Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This and That...

The days here are starting to get a little bit cold, I don’t know if it is the winter coming, or just a phase in the summer weather. Although it fells nice to have some rain, the grass was already shouting …please we need more water!

So apparently, because of the power cuts in this country, everything now is raising the prices of everything, great excuse, no?
No more power cuts for almost one month, at least on the area that I live, but still there is a lot of discussion of who is going to be on the world soccer cup in 2010?

I’m still in love with this country, although all the problems that they have.

Yesterday I saw a program from Oprah about the Bee Movie. It was so fun, I really like Seinfeld jokes, they are not political, religion related, there is only jokes of the daily life, and I do think there is a lot of jokes in life to get things easier. And the movie is just a blast.
For those of you American readers of my blog, yes, we are a little bit late in the programs, but we still see it, unless there is a power cut…Ha Ha Ha.

In the knitting and crochet front.

I’m still doing the knitting test, very busy there, and enjoying!
Finish the first Monkey sock. Didn’t cast on for the second one yet, but thinking of it.

And yesterday I just made something different to relax a little.

I used Sugar’n Cream cotton; it stays a little bit hard, but not enough for the box to get the form. I think I should get the stiffener that they ask in the pattern.
You can see a lot of nice patterns in this site. Everything is so cute.

Now, went to the LYS on Monday, and got some REALLY sock yarn for my first sock in the Sock Knitters Pentathlon.

Waiting desperately for the 1 of March!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The satisfation of small projects

A good think about the SAM5 is that you can finish every sock in each month, I mean; you can start your sock like 3 years ago and just finish in the month of February!
A good thing also, is that I can do more socks for the Magic28.

No I didn’t forget to do it, but when I join I thought that this would be a small thing to do so not to forget. I didn’t forget, but I knew it was eventually to be left behind!

So now I can do more small socks and post them in the SAM5. I got a good combination.

I started this pink one yesterday, and yes I finished yesterday. That is why small projects are fun to do.

More dishcloths to show on this side.

This one I found here.

And for the first time it was written in Portuguese, but in a Brazilian way. It is not the same, so I had to put my brain to work. And my brain is starting to work a lot lately.

(N. went to a school, that they speak ingles, and also Afrikaans. I don’t understand a flip of that language, and I really must start to learn now, before N. starts to speak to me and I don’t understand anything!)

Anyway, the dishcloth is like a version of The Ballband Cloth. Like I’m a big fan of the ballband, I also am a fan of this one! It looks so pretty when you put the colors together.
And to end the rest of the purple cotton I made another one.

Making dishcloths are fun, just because you can start and finish the project in a flip of an eye! And you can also try new stitches, and so on!

Guess I became a sucker for small projects!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bla, bla, bla ....

Here is a new attempt to make a smaller crochet bag. The person that is using it now, it gives a lot of use, I mean she bumps the bag always everywhere, fills the bag with all the stuff that, we women, know that maybe it is not necessary to put inside the bag!

So yes, exceed of use has prove that it works perfect, the handles don’t stretch too much, and you can put a lot of Kg inside. To add to the new improved little crochet bag, some linen inside with a metal hook on the side so that you can clip your keys there, without have to search for them in the end of the bag.

I do thing that is a good idea, I saw it somewhere, but really don’t remember where anymore.

Yes this one is definitely my choice now.

Not much to say, apart that I’m still working in the Monkey socks, this is where I got so far, not much to show…
Hope to come back during the week with more news.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


A lot of WIP are being finish on this side.
The Lovely Rag Rug is done, although I should call him, The expensive in Fashion Rag Rug!
Just because it has t-shirts from Amarras, Nike, Hugo Boss and lacoste! So it is very in fashion. Yes, those t-shirts had holes, and they weren’t pretty anymore!

This has 7 t-shirts, and it measures 76 x 46 cm.
Actually a good size for my bathroom floor.
My hand still hurts from the sc crochet from this rug, but, if I find more t-shirts with holes, I’m definitely going to do it again! If anyone is interested I’ve got a tutorial of how to cut the t-shirts, and the making of is here.

In other news…Dishcloths!
Yes I think I’m starting to get addict to it.

The Tribble pattern was the third one to be made. You can get the pattern here.

Another one that I made was the Grid Pattern Dishcloth. You can get the pattern here.

I made one in crochet. You can get the pattern here.
Really easy to do.

And yes it is all in blue, that was over, Bye, bye beautiful blue, I really loved working with you.

And I made the famous Ballband dishcloth. You can find the pattern here. Everybody has one, and here is mine! Although it is a little bigger for a dishcloth, I will call it Dishtowel.

Now my only projects so far are the socks for the SAM5 for this month, a hat for my stepson that it is here on holiday with his daddy, and a test knitting that I’m doing for a blogger friend …
I’ve triyng to clean my WIP and my yarn in this house! Well not all the yarn cause I don’t have a lot, but some of them.
So I’ve been a good girl.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ivory Coat

Now I know what everyone is going to say!
Just yesterday she had half a sleeve to finish, and the all around finish, for the buttons and around the neck.
And today it is done, with all that hot weather that she was complaining about!!!

And I’m going to answer: yesterday, I made my laundry, clean the house, and went out with the kids.

So today was… get up make breakfast, and just work in the coat until I saw the end of it. It didn’t take me too long to finish, only 30 rows more, so that is why it was fast! And it is also a coat for a 4 year girl, so not very big!

Now the model at the beginning was a little upset, because she wanted to do something else, and mummy wanted to show the finish project with a model.

Then I turned the camera off, put the photos in the pc, and told her, look you’re not even smiling! And she realized she was going to be famous!!!!!

That is why there are a lot of smiles later. Then it was my turn to say, ok, ok it is enough…

Hope everybody has a nice weekend.