21 February 2008

The satisfation of small projects

A good think about the SAM5 is that you can finish every sock in each month, I mean; you can start your sock like 3 years ago and just finish in the month of February!
A good thing also, is that I can do more socks for the Magic28.

No I didn’t forget to do it, but when I join I thought that this would be a small thing to do so not to forget. I didn’t forget, but I knew it was eventually to be left behind!

So now I can do more small socks and post them in the SAM5. I got a good combination.

I started this pink one yesterday, and yes I finished yesterday. That is why small projects are fun to do.

More dishcloths to show on this side.

This one I found here.

And for the first time it was written in Portuguese, but in a Brazilian way. It is not the same, so I had to put my brain to work. And my brain is starting to work a lot lately.

(N. went to a school, that they speak ingles, and also Afrikaans. I don’t understand a flip of that language, and I really must start to learn now, before N. starts to speak to me and I don’t understand anything!)

Anyway, the dishcloth is like a version of The Ballband Cloth. Like I’m a big fan of the ballband, I also am a fan of this one! It looks so pretty when you put the colors together.
And to end the rest of the purple cotton I made another one.

Making dishcloths are fun, just because you can start and finish the project in a flip of an eye! And you can also try new stitches, and so on!

Guess I became a sucker for small projects!

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