Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Bag

This looks like a good day to talk about my new FO.

It rain the all night, and in the morning, and now (13 pm) It is shinning outside like there was no yesterday!

Looking at this bag now, and the crazy weather outside I can see a rainbow in her.

Yah, yah. Everyone is saying, don’t you have a life? Even yesterday there were squares, and today there is a bag!

Really I have, and am blessed to be able to stay at home, with my younger girl, and do some offices work in the morning, and between, one cry and meals, making the things that I really enjoy.
My bag is so gorgeous! If I can say so myself!

I’m going to stop with the bla, bla, bla thing and just leave you guys with the photos.

The inside look. I've tried to pick a fabric that wasn't to happy, i think there is enough colors on the outside.

And there is a detail... of the label and the metal thing to put the keys, and the pocket.

Please do try and make one. You can make this in one day (I’ve got other things to do also, but you can squeeze this project in the middle).

Old news and boring news: I’m still doing the knitting test (I must finish until the end of next week, or else, I will not sleep ever again! Ha Ha)

Must finish also my Jacobean socks until the end of the month (or else I will not knit more socks again! Ha Ha Ha. Now this was too much)

Have to close my pc
Have to close my pc
Better, I think I will not pay the phone bill, that way I will not have internet, and then I can finish everything! BAH
Better get a better solution…


  1. Very very cute bag! You work so fast!

  2. I love that bag also! I have been wanting to make it for a long time! Yours turned out very nice!

  3. Hi! I made this purse last week... and love it! I used wool... crystal palace aran... check out my blog... theres a picture of it...

  4. Great purse! You do such awesome work, I just don't know how you find the time to do it all, you are a regular SuperWoman!

  5. Your bag is lovely as usual. I don't think I can make a bag in a day though. I have the same problem as you. I surf in the internet too long. Must cut it down and finish my project or clean house :(

  6. An adorable bag, I'm sorry its gone :( ...and the felt tag is very cute! I'm wishing good things for you!