20 December 2007

Geometric Crochet

I just made two more Christmas presents. These are my little mini Geometric Pillows.

They just measure about 22cm; they are very cute for a girl’s room.

I’m not going to say more because the girls in question may read my blog, so that is it…
I made the same way has the Bobbles pillow, only this time I used geometric crochet to decorate the front.

Another purse that I made, this time no zipper, or Velcro. Just simple bobbles to close.

This is a pattern from Jezzeblog. You can get it for free and try. Simple, cute and very easy to do. I did mine flat, and with two colors, pink and blue. I guess I must try to practice the Turkish cast on, it is still a big confusion for me.

I would like to thank you all the people that answer me about selling my stuff. I know that it never gets paid, the time and the money that you put on the projects, but this is just for an extra cash to buy more yarn to make more projects. This is starting to be a round and round merry-go-round!
For now it is all.


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