Friday, December 28, 2007

Faster than a speed light...

I’ve been making an effort to finish all my UFO before the end of the year.
This is one of many, many in queue…

This pattern was taken from a shawl.

But since I only had 2 balls of this yarn, I decided to do a scarf. Very happy with the result, and the yarn is just fantastic.

It is from Sirdar, silky look. And this is the first and the last time that I will probably see this yarn, the shop where I got it, went on sale from night to day and closes the doors! Yes, good things always tend to disappear…

Got to go to my next project.



  1. Wow, this scarf really turned out pretty, and I love the yarn too.

  2. That is crocheting isn't it? Your Sirdar scarf I mean.

    Very pretty!

    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

  3. What is the name of this stitch?