Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I must be losing my mind!

So this is the deal. I had some problems with the presents this year! Made a lot less that the ones that I was thinking, and the people that get them, wasn’t that happy about, I didn’t heard the ahhh, ohhh!

Next year I am going to give handmade things again. So I must start to plan them now, so I can do them big, so they can do a AHHH, and a OHH!

I just join in the Ravelry a group to do presents for Christmas the all year long. But I didn’t think it was enough, so I join a blog too, and then in a blog from a joiner from that blog made a post about two other Yahoo groups… This and this.

You may be confused now, but I was also confused then, so don’t worry :)
MG, I’m in so many groups now that probably I would pass more time posting and reading mails, then making things for Christmas!

But at the end I think it is going to be a good incentive to go.
So to who is interested go and check the links. There are a lot of ideas, good ones, and a lot of people tracking your work also! You may not go out of the track.
I think this is the first post without photos!

Sorry about that, I really don’t like to post whit out photos so here is something that I’m working now.

A rag rug got to find more damaged t-shirts to make the rag. If not let me take out some and then I will tell that they had a little hole! Where? There can you see it!



  1. LOLOL Good thing the KALs will help to keep you focused, well as long as you aren't reading all the posts and replying LOLOLOL.


  2. Hahahaha! Good thinking! I hope you "find" more t-shirt with holes.

  3. The rag rug looks great - hope you find some more holey t-shirts :)

    I'm having trouble balancing reading about knitting/quilting and actually doing. I think I may have to limit my blog reading to get everything done.

  4. I don't think you've lost your mind at all. However, I've questioned my own sanity so maybe I'm not one to judge. Surely with all these groups you will find great success. :)