12 December 2007

Where can I get more time?

Well, time really goes quickly! We are so close to Christmas, and still I have so many things to do…

I’ve been busy with the mystery Socks, from the group in Ravelry, going slowly, for not more mistakes.

Probably they won’t be finished in time for me to post them in the group, but it really doesn’t matter. What really matters is that I prove to myself that I could do it, and I think that is the most important thing!

The Ivory coat for Nicole is going, a little bit slowly for my taste, but this is my first big small project, so I must be happy for that.

And now for some other things that I’ve been doing since the beginning of this week. Some extra Christmas presents, that just pop up. I’m still working on it.

So that is why the photos don’t reveal everything.

But I must say I’m very proud of what I’m doing, it is my creation, my design.

I’ve been thinking of opening a shop here on my blog. I would like to know from all my readers, what they think about it! And I also wanted to know, how you do it. Do you send an item already done, or just the pattern.
Let me hear from you….

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