Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Looks like me!!!!!

Just for fun:)

But seriously, sometimes i would like that my computer would break for me to be able to do something!

Happy knitting.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Steps

My little wild decided to start to walk this weekend

Primeiros Passos

so if you want to see just clik in the link.
Isn't that cute.
I'm waiting for my two wilds to start to run around the house, and making me mad....Hehehehe

And Going...

This is the update of my round pillow!

It is going very well.

I had to frog the first one, because it was getting to big, then i sarted againg with less 10 sts, and voilá!

And these are my first pair of socks for Magic28

I do think they are a bit big, but let's see maybe it was the yarn or the needles:)

For now it is over and out from the land of lions!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Round and Round I Go

About a month ago i saw in the net a wonderful round pillow. And it was love at first site. After looking for the pattern for almost one week, and couldn't find it. I just put the pictures in my computer to look at:(

But sometimes, things happen for a reason!
This weekend just out of the blue, there it was, the pattern waiting for me, smiling at me.
So what do you do?
You put your hands in to work. And that was what i did!

This wool was for the crochet purses, but i had to make this round pillow. I think it is going to be very beautiful, and very cute.

Over and out:)

Friday, May 11, 2007

More new things from everything!

These are the last purses that i made

and a new creation that i made for my Nicole's barbie

It is too cold here rigth now

So I'm going to try to make something warmer for the winter

no more updates from the land of the lions

Happy knitting everyone

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I've just join the Magic28.

It's a wonderful idea to make socks for baby's for Charity.

I'm going to make mines to HHH, it is our local public hospital.Angelina was born there and from the days that i was there i could see that the majority of the mummy's went out with there baby's only with a blanket and sometimes with there coat around the newborn.

i wanted to make something different but not to much compromise, because at the end when there is to much to do , you know out it is, you never end , and it is never delivered.

that is why i think socks can be the beginning.

Which me luck:)

I'm very happy to be able to do something for little ones.

If you want more information just click in the picture, the link is there.

Happy smiles everyone.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday in the beach anyone

1st i want to say thank you to my Half Face!

He saw how much i was working in the image of this blog that he wanted to give me a help (well it is job anyway). And he made this beautiful header. Cute. LOVE YOU.

He also made this cute photo of Angelina (she sometimes makes cute faces).

OK enough now, let's talk about the weekend in this part of the globe.
With almost 30 degrees, what do you do when you are almost in winter?

Let's go to the beach, YEAAAHHH.

My girls were happy.
And me too:)

OK now let's see some photos of Angelina's birthday.

Are they really going to let me do this? (Angelina)

There is something wrong here, maybe it is christmas! (Angelina)

I know they are a little late but only now i received them from my Half Face. Yes, sometimes having someone at home that understands PC, net, and everything around that level, leaves you behind, i know first the work and then the house 'problems', eheheheh, I'm kiddying. Thank you again.

For now it is all, more knitting and crochet news is the next Post.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hot Needles

Since i made that crochet purse, in the last post, I've been in a mission to do more, don't ask me why!
This one is for Nicole, she is crazy about purses and bags and everything that she can use to put toys inside.

On the other side of the needles, I'm trying to make another pair of socks for her also.

This pattern is mine, and i will post it later when there done.

I've use two colors, that worked very nice, and at the heel i mixed the colors together.

I also made the heel with out picking st, i used the heel from here, but i did the knit st not the garter st. let's see how it ends.

For now it is all.

let me go and try to do some magic with my hands :)

Over and out from the land of the lions and monkeys!