1 April 2015

Easter bunny teachers gift

Today is the last day for the first term here in ZA.
These holidays are for the Easter break.

So..... Yesterday I had to interrupt my work... to do another cute work.
My girls went on the net, saw a photo of a cute bunny... and.... "please mommy can you do this one for us , so we can give to teacher tomorrow"..... What?!?!

So there I was, cutting fast and sewing even faster.......

But it came out so cute!

..... made two....
They went with a little chocolate... a Easter gift for the teacher....

Check the little tail on the back.... just adorable!

....now back to the normal schedule....

C xxx


Tieback curtains

Another set of tie backs and a little bigger Minnie Mouse doll.... This is my next order :)

It took me 4 attempts to do this little one face..... now I like it :)

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