Thursday, April 16, 2015

My little corner....

Hi gorgeous followers :)
I thought for today I would give you a little tour of my little craft-studio corner....

in front of my table I have a window... the view is not glamorous.... I can see a yellow wall that divides me and my neighbors house.... but I put it prettier with my banner on :)
Just forget to say that my little corner is really in a corner.... my living room is the spot!
Behind me there is the TV, couches and all that a normal living room has.
This is how my table looks like when I'm creating something cute... confusion and more confusion.
Because I don't have a lot of space I managed to get this table that folds when not in use. Usually I put there all the bits and bobs that I need to use at that time. 
My collection of scissors and my most helpful friend the octopus pin cushion!

My collection of felt, all tidy in a wooden box.
My inspiration/sample corner....

And when I'm done.... my table looks very tidy.... awaiting for a new challenge!

It would be nice to see more craft-studio corners from you guys.... please do post and send me a message so we can all have a peep :)

Have a lot of other post to do here.... lots of new goodies that I made that I just posted on Facebook and not here.... Until next week I will try to update all the info here....

Cristina xxxx


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